Pussycat massage: The hottest pleasure


Pussycat massage belongs to the most popular erotic massages. You will experience the ultimate relaxation, the perfect erotic sensation of being touched or kissed by the masseuse and a wild climax using the 69-position. Pamper yourself with one of our beautiful girls.

It's ideal for a person who likes to give and not just receive pleasure. You are not just a passive recipient; you are actively involved in the stroking and touching. You can watch the masseuse's beautiful body from the most seductive angles and witness how her arousal builds up. Pussycat massage combines several types of erotic massage and is absolutely unique. No wonder everyone will love it.

  • You will experience maximum pleasure,
  • you will relax,
  • you can touch the masseuse and kiss her body,
  • you will experience a hot climax in the 69 position,
  • you will stimulate your libido.

Draw fresh inspiration and ignite a new spark in your sex life. Intimate massages offer the perfect solution.

Pussycat massage

How does pussycat massage look like

Before the massage, you can enjoy a pleasant shower with the masseuse, where you will relax and prepare for the upcoming sensation. Afterwards, you will move to one of our cosy rooms, where a masseuse will create a relaxing atmosphere spiced up with a touch of eroticism.

The pussycat massage starts with a short, traditional massage to relax the muscles and relieve tension. The masseuse uses various techniques, utilising caresses, kneading and rubbing to help you relax as much as possible. Then, she gradually progresses to more sensual touches and a hot body-to-body massage, gliding naked over your oiled body. She focuses on your erogenous zones and heightens your arousal. You, in turn, can touch or kiss the masseuse on her body within the rules she establishes before the massage.

The masseuse performs the penile massage, including the testicles, in the 69-position and leads you to an unforgettable climax. During the intimate massage, you can enjoy a perfect view of her beautiful body and caress and kiss her. If you are lucky, the masseuse will also allow you to kiss and touch her privates. The massage ends when the agreed time has passed; therefore, you can experience several orgasms.

The masseuse performs the massage completely naked. However, if you wish, she can dress up in tantalising lingerie, seductive chemise or lace stockings.

What kind of massages can you enjoy in our parlour

You can choose from a wide range of erotic massages performed by gorgeous masseuses in the comfortable premises of our massage parlour located in the centre of Prague. Treat yourself to a hot massage with a happy ending.

Our beautiful masseuses

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