All about lingam massage


Lingam massage, also known as penile massage, is an ancient tantric technique that focuses on the worship of the male sexual organ and its surroundings. This massage is deeply rooted in ancient Tantric traditions and provides men with a thorough and intense experience.

However, a lingam massage is more than just a pleasurable physical experience. In Sanskrit, “lingam” means “symbol”, and in the context of this massage, it refers to the penis as a symbol of male creative energy. During the tantric massage, you will experience a deep meditation and ritual that unites body, mind and spirit in one intense experience.

Principles of lingam massage

Lingam massage is considered one of the most intense and beneficial forms of massage that sensually harnesses masculine sexual energy and positively affects male sexual health and performance. It relies on the Tantric principles, recognising sexuality as a sacred and crucial part of human existence. It seeks to awaken kundalini energy, the dormant life force at the root of the spine. When this energy is awakened and channelled through the body, it can bring deep healing and spiritual awakening.

All about lingam massage

Repeatedly close to the peak and back again

Tantric penile massage takes you to a place where there is no rush. A trained masseuse will give you and your divine tool 100% attention and adoration. The lingam massage aims not to achieve a “quick finish” but to delay the finale as long as possible, allowing the delicious sexual energy to spread throughout your body. Prolonging the massage increases the intensity of the experience, the client may experience several waves of arousal and release, leading to stronger and deeper relaxation.

In modern culture, there is often an emphasis on the quick peak. Extending the lingam massage can help the client remove these expectations and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

How does a lingam massage proceed?

Before the massage, there is a short consultation where the masseuse finds out the client’s needs and explains her limits during the massage. This is followed by a pleasant shower, which the client can spend with the masseuse. The lingam massage begins with a relaxing full-body massage to allow the client to relax and prepare for a more profound experience. The masseuse then gradually moves to the lingam massage using various techniques and touches. The emphasis is on creating an intimate and safe environment where the man can fully relax and open up to the experience.

The massage session alternates between the relaxation and arousal phases. The massage aim at more profound relaxation and arousal. During the massage, kundalini energy may be awakened, resulting in various physical and emotional reactions. The masseuse performs gentle circular movements and applies extra pressure to the penis and its surroundings, and may also stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the testicles or perineum, depending on the client’s agreement. The emphasis is on the experience, not the end result. After a lingam massage, the client feels deep relaxation, new life energy and a stronger connection to their own body and sexuality.

What are the health benefits of lingam massages?

Unfortunately, today’s world is hectic and performance-oriented. A lingam massage is the opposite, bringing a man more than just instant gratification. Intimate Tantric massage has even more health benefits than you may have expected.

Physical and deep relaxation: Like other forms of massage, a lingam massage can help release muscle tension, improve circulation and promote overall body relaxation. In addition, a long massage provides ample time to reach a deep state of relaxation and truly immerse yourself in the experience.

Emotional healing: Lingam massage can help men heal from emotional traumas, especially those related to sexuality. It can also help remove sexual blockages and inhibitions.

Increase self-esteem: This massage allows men to explore and understand their bodies on a deeper level, leading to better self-awareness and self-esteem.

Improving sexual health: Massaging the lingam can improve erectile function, increase sensitivity, and help fight premature ejaculation.

Stress and anxiety reduction: An intimate penile massage can help reduce stress and anxiety levels by providing deep relaxation and calm.

Spiritual connection: In Tantric traditions, sexuality is considered sacred. Lingam massage can be a spiritual experience that connects body, mind and spirit.

As with other therapeutic techniques, repetitive massage can have cumulative effects on the body and mind. Thus, the client can achieve deeper relaxation, healing and regeneration with each successive massage. With repeated visits, the client may feel more comfortable and trust the masseuse, leading to an even more intense experience.

Other benefits of tantric penile massage

Tantric techniques, including lingam massage, focus on gradually building and circulating sexual energy. A quick massage can bring out this energy quickly, but more time is needed to experience and spread it profoundly. A long, intimate massage allows the client to explore different aspects of their sexuality, discover new sensations and experiences, and become more aware of their body. Prolonging a lingam massage can help clients remove these expectations and fully immerse themselves in the experience. In addition, intimate massage stimulates the production of endorphins, the natural “happy hormones”. It helps regulate the levels of other hormones in the body. Finally, for many people, a lingam massage is an intense spiritual experience that can promote personal growth and enlightenment.

Lingam massage Prague

Experience deep relaxation and awaken your inner energy with a sensual lingam massage. Come to us at Excelent Massage Salon and discover the secrets of intimate massage at the hands of our professional and beautiful masseuses. Let yourself be carried away by the waves of tantric energy.

A stimulating penile massage can have many beneficial effects. In addition to physical pleasure, it can help improve sexual experience and erectile function, increase libido and sensitivity, remove blocks in the pelvic area, reduce stress and relieve tension. Emotionally, massage can help clients tap into their inner masculine energy and heal old traumas or blockages related to sexuality. This massage also allows many men to explore their body and sexual potential. Lingam massage can also help combat stress and escape everyday reality. Many men describe the experience of a lingam massage as profoundly transformative and liberating. Embark on an exciting journey to explore your sexuality in depth, discover new dimensions of pleasure and achieve deep inner peace.
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