Erotic massage for men Prague



Get your body and privates massaged by beautiful masseuses. Experience a massage right up to an intense relaxing. Erotic massages have been used for centuries for invigorating, and nowadays they are often spiced up with interesting practices – e.g. BDSM massage, Pussycat massage, lesbian massage or autoeroticism. You will relax perfectly and enjoy a luxurious rest. Benefits of erotic massage for the male body:

  • Stimulates blood circulation and improves the erection,
  • increases libido,
  • boosts immunity,
  • relieves muscle pain and tensions,
  • increases body flexibility,
  • eliminates stress and fatigue,
  • promotes quality sleep,
  • provides an antidepressant effect.


Before each intimate massage, the masseuse will accompany you to the bathroom. You will enjoy a pleasant shower, a relaxing full-body massage, and stimulating your privates. While performing the erotic massage, the masseuse is completely naked.

Erotic massage for men Prague

However, if you wish, she will dress up for you in seductive lingerie, sensual chemise or lace stockings.

Massage for men is not a sexual service. Oral and traditional sex is neither a part of erotic massage not available for an additional fee. Inappropriate touching or suggestions may offend the masseuse so much that she will end the massage.

Regardless of their age, gentlemen can visit our massage parlour and experience an erotic massage. The provided erotic massages for men rely on traditional methods, such as tantric penis massage or the famous Japanese sexy massage for men, which you may know as Nuru massage.

Men can also enjoy a prostate massage, surprisingly good for preventing the onset of disease, or a footjob, a massage of the privates and other areas using the feet. Our massage club offers more than just erotic massages for men, which are pleasant. Moreover, you can also enjoy the captivating ambience of the rooms.



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Our erotic masseuses

The offer of masseuses may change over time. Go to the masseuse page for the current selection.

Erotic masseuse  Natalka Prague   Erotic masseuse Vanessa Prague   Erotic masseuse Viky Prague   Erotic masseuse Nela Prague   Erotic masseuse Elis Prague   Erotic masseuse Patricie Prague   Erotic masseuse Jenny Prague   Erotic masseuse Ewelin Prague   Erotická masérka Linda Praha   Erotic masseuse Karolina Prague   Erotic masseuse Sandra Prague   Erotická masérka Tereza   Erotická masérka Charlotte   Erotická masérka Julie   Erotická masérka Veronika   Erotická masérka Dominika   Erotická masérka Sofie

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Marie Cibulkové 14
140 00 Praha 4


Phone: +420 731 884 923
We accept cash only (CZK or euro €)

Opening time:

Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00


Book erotic massage for men in Prague


You can find our salon Excelent Massage Prague on Marie Cibulkové street in Prague 4, approximately five minutes walk from metro stations Vyšehrad or Pražského povstání on line C. You can also reach us easily from the bus stop Klikovka on bus line 134, which is about a 5-minute walk away.

If you come to us by car, you can park directly in Marie Cibulkové street for a fee of 30 CZK/hour (paying at the parking meter). You can also leave your car in Mikuláše z Husi or Na Topolce streets marked with blue zones. You can park there only for 3 hours and pay via the mobile app (there are no parking meters).
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