Excellent Spa massage



The Excelent Spa Massage is a relaxing treatment that makes you forget all your every day worries. Let our beautiful masseuses pamper you and enjoy a relaxing massage full of excitement. Our masseuses use a variety of tools to stimulate your sensitive senses.

Excelent Spa masáž

Before the massage begins, the masseuse will accompany you to the shower and prepare your body for a relaxing massage using a gentle Dead Sea salt body scrub. She will use delicate tantric feathers to open the gateway of your senses, fragrant oils, and lava stones to relax your muscles. This type of massage also includes a concluding head and facial massage as a standard.

The masseuse will touch your whole body, including the privates, which receive special attention. The Excelent Spa massage combines techniques of traditional erotic massage, intimate massage, tantric massage and body-to-body massage.

  • An exclusive sensual experience,
  • Simultaneous combination of multiple types of massages,
  • Harmonisation of body and mind.

You can look forward to an intense experience, which you will definitely want to repeat. A full-body spa massage will harmonise your body, relax your mind and leave you with a new experience. You'll enjoy touches that will teach you how to perceive your body, release tension and wash away any stress. You will feel like you have been reborn.

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