Tantra massage



Tantric massage is a combination of physical sensuality, tender care and spirituality. Tantric massage takes the form of an intimate ritual in which one can find elements of ancient tantric-taoist techniques and classic massages. The massage is performed with delicate attention, during it you feel the relaxation, excitement and a sense of life force and inspiration. It's tradition that massage rejuvenates, heals and beautifies both at the level of body and soul. Tantric massage covers the whole body from the head to the tips of the toes. During the massage is to change the perception of the purpose of sexuality to open up new feelings of intimacy and excitement.

The course of massage

Before each massage the masseuse will takes you to the bathroom. After the shower comes the massage in a very pleasant and quiet environment. Part of the massages are different kinds of touch from mild to very dynamic. In the massage there is included, a massage with hot towels, stroking by the soft feathers and fine odours. Also it is involving the use of pleasant scents and oils that evoke the right atmosphere.

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