Nuru massage



Nuru massage is a special kind of erotic and very sensual massage. Sometimes it's referred to "wet and slippery" massage. Nuru massage is massaged by "the body on the body" and it's using a special nuru gel. Very ingenious movements and postures of body while massaging certainly will grant you an amazing experience.

Nuru massage comes from Japan with a really long tradition. This type of massage is very challenging for masseuse because it requires the best knowledge of movements and techniques. Nuru gel is made from seaweed Nori. The gel is entirely natural and has excellent sliding and detoxifying properties.

It is used to release stress and tension. The gel is odorless, transparent and has no side effects. It also doesn't cause any allergies and skin is beautifully fresh, relaxed and smooth after it. Gel is slightly water soluble, so it isn't any problem to wash it. The part of  Nuru massage is shower together with the masseuse before and after the massage.
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