Erotic massage as a form of therapy


An erotic massage is a form of therapy that has gained popularity in recent years. Erotic massage is an art that combines traditional massage techniques with sensuality and intimacy, offering a complex experience that affects not only the body but also the mind and soul.

An intimate massage can teach us more about our bodies and their needs, improve our sex life, relieve stress, and increase self-esteem. It is an intense experience worth discovering.

Erotic massage with two masseuses

Therapeutic effects of erotic massage

There is something mysterious about sensual, intimate massage. On the other hand, it has become a legitimate form of therapy for improving physical, emotional and sexual health. Trained masseuses provide professional erotic massage in a safe and respectful environment.

1.     Stress and tension relieve

Erotic massage can be an excellent tool for releasing accumulated stress and tension in the body. Nowadays, many people are struggling with high levels of stress, which can negatively impact their physical and mental health. Erotic massage techniques such as stroking, rubbing and applying gentle pressure on various points on your body help stimulate blood circulation, which in turn aids in the release of stiff and tense muscles. Thus, you will feel calmer and more relaxed, and the level of stress hormones in the body will be reduced as a result.

2.     Increasing self-esteem and improving self-acceptance

Erotic massage can be vital in improving your self-esteem and self-acceptance. Society often has high expectations of individuals’ appearance and performance, which may trigger feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Erotic massage provides a safe and non-judgmental environment where clients can learn to accept and love their bodies as they are. This form of therapy emphasises the importance of touch and intimacy, assisting the clients to feel more connected to their bodies and themselves.

3.     Better mood and long-lasting satisfaction

Massages are known for their ability to release endorphins, the happiness hormones, contributing to a better mood and feeling of contentment. Erotic massages go one step further, combining physical relaxation with an intense emotional and sensual experience, potentially resulting in an even deeper level of emotional well-being. Clients leave the salon feeling renewed energy, vitality and a positive attitude towards themselves and others. Sharing an intimate space with a massage therapist can also help release long-suppressed emotions and tension, promoting increased emotional balance and stability.

4.     Improving intimate and sex life

Erotic massage can also positively impact the client’s intimate life. Learning how to be in touch with your senses, recognising and expressing your desires and needs can improve communication with your partner and your sex life. Clients can learn new ways to achieve pleasure and discover new erogenous zones, enriching their sexual experiences. Moreover, erotic massage can help overcome sexual blockages, promoting a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

5.     Promoting body awareness

One of the key benefits of erotic massage is its positive effect on body awareness. During the massage, clients are encouraged to focus on their feelings, touches and reactions of their body. Thus, they can better understand their own needs, desires and boundaries, often leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Having the ability to be fully present during erotic massage can assist in creating similar states of awareness in other areas of their lives and generally improving their overall quality of life.

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The course of erotic massage step-by-step

1.     Choose your masseuse

Get ready for an exciting journey. If you have decided to try an erotic massage, simply book it online and choose one of our beautiful masseuses. If you wish to double your pleasure, you can choose a four-hand massage delivered by two masseuses who will treat you with the utmost care.

The massage parlour ambience has been designed to promote a soothing atmosphere, using soft lighting, pleasant music and scents that strive to create an oasis of calm and peace.

2.     Pleasant shared shower

The massage begins with a shower, allowing the client and masseuse to wash each other and, in doing so, begin to get comfortable and intimate. The shared shower before the massage is an experience setting the tone for the entire upcoming session. The client can relax, relieve tension and nervousness, and create trust with the masseuse.

This routine ensures hygienic conditions and prepares your body for the massage. Moreover, it helps to open your senses and increase your sensitivity to the following stimulation.

3.     Initial relaxing massage

The session begins with a relaxing massage using gentle and soothing strokes all over the body. The masseuse focuses on gradually releasing muscle tension and stress in different body parts, from head to toe. She uses smooth and rhythmic movements to ease tense muscles and improve circulation.

In doing so, she releases your tension, tunes you into each other and creates a comfortable atmosphere. The masseuse focuses on every part of your body so that you can ultimately succumb to the relaxation.

4.     Gradual deepening of touches

As the massage progresses, the masseuse begins to focus on your erogenous zones and increase the intensity of her touch. She may apply special massage oils and techniques at this stage, expanding your sensuality and pleasure. The exact methods and procedures may vary depending on the type of erotic massage the client has chosen. For example, in a Japanese nuru massage, the masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client while applying a special slippery nuru gel.

During a standard erotic massage, the masseuse focuses on the groin area, inner thighs and the privates. That’s why the erotic massage also includes a relaxing penile massage.

5.     The ultimate experience and relaxation

The massage can involve intense and liberating experiences. The masseuse uses various techniques to maximise the client’s pleasure and relaxation. A calming phase follows the concluding release as the masseuse helps the client “return to reality”.

This phase is essential for processing intense emotions and sensations during the massage. The masseuse now uses gentler touches and slower movements to gradually reduce the intensity of the stimulation, thereby inducing feelings of calm and overall well-being.

6.     Farewell

At the end of the massage, the client bids farewell to the masseuse and leaves the salon. They leave with a feeling of relaxation, contentment and harmony.

Why enjoy erotic massage repeatedly

Many believe that erotic massage is just a casual experience that is part of a special evening or an unusual anniversary celebration. But what if you integrate erotic massage into your routine, just like you regularly enjoy massages, exercise or meditation?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of regular erotic massage for men and what can be improved through repetition.

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Regular visits to a massage parlour can help keep stress and anxiety levels to a minimum. Erotic massage relaxes both the body and mind, helping to clear your mind and restore mental balance. Regular visits help the body release tension, and the mind can disconnect from every day worries.

Improving sleep

Stimulating massage can relax the body and mind, improving sleep quality and increasing daytime energy and overall vitality. So, regular visits to the massage parlour not only help you sleep better but also regenerate your energy utilisation during the day.

Increase sexual energy and performance

Erotic massage is a way to deepen our sexuality and understand what pleases us. Regular massage can improve your understanding of your own body, increase your sensitivity and lead to more intense sexual experiences. Massages help to release sexual tension and increase blood flow to the genitals, which has a positive effect on performance and sexual energy.

Achieving inner peace

Intimate massage also considerably affects the psyche. Regular visits can help remove emotional blockages, release pent-up feelings, and improve mental balance. As a result, clients often feel happier, more balanced and more open to life’s challenges.

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How often you should visit an erotic massage parlour

The frequency of erotic massages depends on the individual needs and preferences of the client. Some people enjoy the benefits of a massage once a week, while others prefer monthly visits. It is essential to listen to your needs and observe how you feel after the massage so you can adjust the frequency to suit your needs.

Regular visits to an erotic massage parlour offer much more than just moments of pleasure. Going there, you invest in our physical, mental and emotional health. Erotic massages help keep the body and mind balanced, enhance our sexuality, contribute to better sleep, and promote an overall sense of happiness and contentment.
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