The history of erotic massages up to the present day


Erotic massages have a long and fascinating history that has evolved across cultures and eras. How did ancient massage techniques differ from contemporary sensual touch? Has the meaning of erotic massage remained the same? Why did our ancient ancestors indulge in intimate massages?

Ancient origins of erotic massages

The roots of erotic massages can be traced back to ancient civilisations such as India, China and Egypt. In these cultures, massages were often associated with spiritual and healing rituals, with the erotic element seen as a natural part of human sexuality and health.


Already, ancient Egyptians enjoyed massages with erotic elements; using oils and aromatic substances was a common part of spa rituals. Such practices were often intended to prepare for sexual activities and enhance fertility and sexual health.

Egyptian wall reliefs or paintings and papyri often depict scenes of people being massaged as part of ceremonies, implying the significance of such practices in ancient Egyptian society. These rituals were intended to enhance sexual pleasure, strengthen relationships and promote reproductive health.


One of the earliest attestations referring to erotic massage are tantric texts such as the Kama Sutra, dating back to approximately the 2nd century AD. It describes various forms of sensual touch and massages as a means of achieving spiritual connection and sexual satisfaction.

Tantra, practised since the 5th century AD, combines spirituality with eroticism, emphasising the sacredness of the body and considering sexual energy as the ultimate means of achieving spiritual enlightenment. Tantric massages, which are still very popular today, can trace their roots to these ancient traditions.


The earliest evidence of erotic massages in China date back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). Ancient Chinese texts contain references to massage and acupressure techniques that were used to treat various ailments and improve sexual health.

Thus, traditional Chinese medicine considered massages, including those with erotic elements, as part of maintaining a healthy flow of life energy, known as Qi. The Inner Book of the Yellow Emperor from around 2600 BC describes massage techniques used to treat various ailments, including sexual dysfunctions.

Libertarian Ancient Greece and Rome

People in ancient Greece and Rome celebrated physicality and beauty with unprecedented openness, and erotic massages became part of everyday life and culture. Erotic massages were commonly practised for enjoyment as well as therapeutic purposes. Greek physicians such as Hippocrates used massages to treat various physical ailments and sometimes to improve sexual health.

Known for their worship of physical form and health, the Greeks incorporated massage techniques into their gymnastic and athletic rituals to promote physical fitness and emotional and sexual well-being.

In Rome, such traditions were commonly practised in baths that were the focal points of social life. Erotic massages were provided as a form of relaxation and pleasure.

History of erotic massages

Ancient Japanese Anma

The history of erotic massages in Japan is unique, influenced by a long tradition and culture that values subtlety, aesthetics and spiritual depth. The practice known as Anma, an ancient form of massages, has been cultivated in Japan since the 7th century when it was considered an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Although Anma itself has not been primarily erotic, some of its aspects may have had an intimate dimension, especially in conjunction with the concept of life energy called Qi. Later, in the Edo period (1603-1868), a more subtle and erotic form of massages evolved, resulting in the development of practices such as Nuru massages, using a special gel, and a body-to-body massage technique where beautiful masseuses use their entire bodies to massage the client.

Medieval Europe and the suppression of erotic practices

During the Dark Middle Ages in Europe, erotic massages were suppressed due to religious and cultural taboos. However, some sources, such as Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality, suggest that erotic massage survived and was practised in secret despite official suppression.

This irony reveals a complicated relationship between official moral codes and the actual sexual practices and needs of the era. In the Middle Ages, massage was practised more in a therapeutic context, and erotic massage was stigmatised and suppressed.

The Renaissance and the rediscovery of carnality

Fortunately, the Renaissance revived interest in physicality and human sexuality, which saw the gradual reintroduction of erotic elements to massages in parts of Europe. This period also encouraged the development of literature and art that celebrated human sexuality, contributing to the broader acceptance of erotic massages.

Renaissance art and literature often portrayed the themes of love and sexuality, encouraging a more open attitude towards erotic massages and their practice.

The Sexual Revolution of the 20th Century

The 20th century has witnessed a liberalisation of social attitudes towards sexuality, promoting more acceptance of erotic massages as a form of sexual expression and wellness therapy. Erotic massages have continued to evolve, becoming more popular and less taboo in many Western countries.

The sexual revolution during the second half of the 20th century introduced a more liberal attitude towards erotic massages, which were seen as a means of deepening intimate connection and personal exploration.

Erotic massages today

Today, erotic massages are perceived as a form of intimate therapy that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional relaxation massages. We are returning to its origins and reaping its benefits for both body and mind.

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