Top 11 male erogenous zones - give them professional care


Erotic massage is an art that combines a deep understanding of the human body with a tender treatment of your most intimate parts. A professional erotic masseuse can use her touch to relieve tension and stress, awaken sensuality and increase erotic awareness.

There are many male erogenous zones; unfortunately, some of them are forgotten. Let's explore some of the well-known and popular sensual points on the male body (and some of the overlooked ones), and how a beautiful professional erotic masseuse can take care of them. Treat yourself with the utmost care.

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Earlobes and around the ears

The earlobes and the skin around the ears are rich in nerve endings, making them surprisingly sensitive to touch. A masseuse may begin by gently caressing and massaging your earlobes and ear area, sometimes using warm massage oil or gentle finger touches. Such stimulation can help clients to relax and prepare them for further sensual experiences.

Inner thighs

The inner thighs are extremely sensitive, and their stimulation can be very arousing. Gentle touches, slow stroking or even light scratching can evoke intense sensations. The masseuse can stimulate them using a variety of techniques, such as a Tantric massage, where she spreads pleasurable energy throughout the body.


Male nipples are often a neglected erogenous zone, as they are usually associated with female erotic stimulation. However, male nipples can also be very sensitive, and you can experience even more intense sensations by stimulating them.

By prior arrangement with your masseuse, you can request a nipple massage and explore your new erogenous zone that may surprise you.

If you have already experienced nipple stimulation and are looking for an even more intense sensation, try a professional BDSM massage in Prague. You can try seductive nipple play and other BDSM elements. However, you should always discuss your desires and limits with the masseuse at the beginning of the BDSM massage and adjust the intensity of the experience.

Pelvic area

Your pelvic area is full of nerve endings, and stimulating it can be very pleasurable. The masseuse can apply deep massage techniques, warm oil or other sensual aids to stimulate this area. By doing so, you can experience intense and deep pleasure.

This technique can be enhanced by gentle caressing of the lower abdomen and hips, increasing the sensuality and connection with your masseuse. For example, you can treat yourself to a Royal Excelent Massage, which was specially designed to gradually prepare your body for the amazing relaxation that will follow.

Back and spine

The area of the back and spine often holds accumulated tension, and releasing it can be very satisfying. The masseuse can apply a variety of techniques, from gentle touch to intense muscle massage, to stimulate nerve endings and provide deep relaxation and pleasure.

You can start your sensual session with a traditional relaxation massage, which is the perfect way to unwind and take away all your worries.

By focusing on this area, the masseuse can help release tension while stimulating the nerve endings along the spine, bringing a deep sense of relaxation and pleasure.


Allow yourself to be gently caressed, massaged and pressed on key points in the neck area. These touches can be very relaxing and arousing. Our masseuse can also add gentle strokes to the shoulders and upper back for a total relaxation experience.

The masseuse can stimulate you with gentle touch or use warm oil to deepen the sensory experience. Gentle neck massage can be included in erotic massages for men and serves as a pleasurable opening and relaxing part of the massage.


The perineum – the area between the testicles and the anus – is particularly sensitive and can become a source of intense pleasure when properly stimulated. Gentle massage can bring about deep arousal and maximum relaxation.

A perineal massage involves gentle strokes. A beautiful masseuse will skilfully stimulate the area between your privates and anus. By prior arrangement, the perineal massage can be incorporated into a traditional erotic massage and completed with a sensual prostate massage.


The testicles are an important erogenous zone, and they should be stimulated with care and sensitivity to ensure maximum comfort and pleasurable sensations for the client.

The male privates are subject to special attention during an intimate massage when the beautiful masseuse skilfully treats the massaged areas and restores their sensitivity.


The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body, and its stimulation can be very arousing. Soft and skilful touches can evoke intense sensations and increase pleasure. Such stimulation can be enhanced by gentle stroking and massage of the entire penis, providing a profoundly satisfying experience.

Prostate and anal area

Many men still consider stimulation of the anal area and prostate as taboo; however, prostate massage can bring deep pleasure. This is where the male G-spot is located, which is not to be neglected. This massage is preceded by a sensual, intimate massage that will leave you perfectly relaxed and ready for new experiences and pleasure.

Our professional erotic massage parlour performs prostate stimulation with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the client's personal boundaries concerning their pleasure and well-being.

Feet and toes

The feet and toes contain many nerve endings and can be very sensitive to stimulation.

Lovers of beautiful feet can indulge in an unconventional and exciting footjob. This is not a foot massage but a massage focusing on the erogenous zones and intimate areas using the beautiful feet of our masseuses. This untraditional type of erotic massage provides a genuinely unusual form of pleasure that is worth trying.

Each erogenous zone mentioned above offers unique opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. A professional erotic masseuse who understands them and knows how to stimulate them properly can provide you with an unforgettable sensual experience that will push the boundaries of the conventional notions of erotic pleasure.
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