Why try out a sweet foot job?


Foot job offers a unique and exciting experience that can spice up a classic erotic massage. Not only for foot fetish lovers, it is the absolute peak of pleasure. The long legs of the beautiful masseuses will give you unforgettable moments of excitement and relaxation.

Foot job also has many physical and mental benefits, such as relaxing muscles, improving circulation and reducing stress. Come and read all about foot job and why you should try this unusual pleasure.

Foot job

What is a foot job, and how does it work?

During a foot job, the masseuse uses her feet to stroke, stimulate and massage sensitive areas of your body, including your penis. She uses her feet, toes, heels and ankles for the ultimate massage experience. The scented massage oil makes the foot movements smooth and pleasantly slippery for maximum comfort.

The professional masseuse gradually teases and caresses different parts of the body until she works her way to the privates where she achieves maximum arousal and relaxation.

What kind of experience does a foot job offer you?

Foot job will immerse you in perfect relaxation with the touch of soft feet in your lap. Expect deep relaxation, improved mood and intense erotic experiences.

The professional masseuses are trained in reflexology and erotic massage techniques to ensure the highest quality services. Treat yourself to the ultimate in pampering with our Royal Excelent Massage.

Before starting the massage, it is necessary to emphasise that foot job is not a sexual service and does not include oral or traditional sex. Adherence to ethics and safety is essential for a pleasurable and respectful experience.

What are the benefits of a foot job?

Foot job, offers a range of physical, psychological and sexual benefits. This unique form of massage can enrich your intimate life and bring new dimensions of pleasure.

Muscle relaxation: Gentle and rhythmic foot movements can significantly relax the muscles in the pelvis and thighs, improving overall flexibility and comfort.

Improved blood circulation: Stimulation of the privates increases blood circulation, which helps to oxygenate the tissues better and nourish them, resulting in increased energy and vitality.

Support the lymphatic system: Foot job can help stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps detoxify the body and reduce swelling in the pelvic area.

Stress and anxiety reduction: Massaging the privates with the feet brings deep relaxation that helps reduce stress and anxiety. Clients often experience a sense of calm and well-being that lingers after the massage.

Mood improvement: Intense foot job experiences can significantly improve your mood and overall psychological state. This type of sensual massage brings a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Increase libido: Foot job can significantly increase sexual desire and arousal. Stimulation of the private parts with the feet is stimulating and attractive for many people.

Better sexual experience: This type of massage can improve the overall sexual experience. Stimulating the intimate areas with the feet brings a new and exciting dimension that can enrich your intimate life.

Addressing sexual dysfunctions: Foot job can help address some sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or vaginal dryness. Stimulation of reflex points can have a positive effect on sexual health.

Foot job Prague

What is the difference between penile massage provided by hands and feet

Intimate penile massage using hands

Manual penis massage is a traditional technique in which the masseuse uses her skilled hands to stimulate the penis, allowing precise and gentle control over pressure and movement, allowing her to focus on specific points and intensity according to the client's preferences. This method is more traditional and familiar and, therefore, can be what some clients call a "safe bet", providing deep relaxation.

Benefits of manual penile massage

  • Control and precision: the masseuse can precisely control the pressure and movements.
  • Intensity adjustment: the massage can easily adjust to the client's preferences.
  • Flexibility: the ability to quickly change massage technique and style.

Intimate penile massage using feet (foot job)

Foot job is a specific technique in which the masseuse uses her legs, feet and toes to massage and stimulate the penis and erogenous zones. This method offers a unique sensory experience because the contact with the feet differs from the touch of the hands. Nylon stockings can be used to add an extra element of arousal, making this massage a favourite among fetishists.

Benefits of a foot job

  • A unique experience: Gentle and slippery foot movements provide a new and exciting sensation.
  • Aesthetic appeal: many people find legs in stockings very exciting.
  • Variability: possibility to combine foot job with other types of erotic massages for a comprehensive experience.

Both techniques have their own specific benefits, and it depends on the client's individual preferences and which one they choose. It is possible to combine both techniques and enrich your intimate massage with new and exciting elements for maximum pleasure.

Don't be afraid to experiment in the massage parlour

If you want to take your foot job experience to the next level, our erotic massage parlour allows you to try several other types of sensual massages that bring new and exciting dimensions of pleasure. A combination of different techniques can enhance your erotic experience and provide comprehensive relaxation and release.

Tantric massage focuses on connecting the body and mind, which increases sexual energy. It can complement foot job greatly, adding a more profound relaxation and spiritual connection.

Nuru massage uses a special seaweed gel that allows the masseuse's body to move smoothly and gently over the client's body. This type of massage delivers an intense erotic experience due to the close physical contact.

Lap dance is an erotic dance in which the masseuse dances close to the client. This visually stimulating experience increases arousal and brings a combination of physical and visual pleasure that can be a great appetiser to a foot job.

Prostate massage is a unique stimulation technique leading to intense relaxation and improved male health. Combining this deep stimulation with footwork can enhance your erotic experience and bring more profound relaxation.

Perineal massage focuses on stimulating the perineum, the area between the anus and the genitals. This massage brings deep relaxation and enhanced sexual experiences that can be a sensual complement to footwork.

Milking Table offers a unique experience where the client lies on a specially designed massage table with a hole for the penis. The masseuse stimulates the penis from below, bringing intense and unique pleasure.

These techniques can enhance your erotic experience and take you to new excitement and relaxation levels. By combining different erotic massages, you can explore new dimensions of pleasure and enrich your intimate life.

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