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Mutual massage is the only type of erotic intimate massage where you can change roles with the masseuse and return her pleasurable and relaxing touches.

Mutual erotic massage is primarily about achieving deep relaxation, just like traditional erotic massage and intimate massage. However, the client's experience is enriched by the intensity of the mutual touch with the masseuse.

During the mutual massage, the client can receive the delightful touches and engage and massage the beautiful masseuse. Mutual touching creates a unique experience that takes erotic massage to a new level of pleasure and intimacy.

During a sensual, erotic and intimate massage, it can sometimes be hard not to reward the masseuse with a nice touch. That is why we have created a mutual erotic massage that some of our lovely masseuses offer.

When choosing a masseuse, please note that only some masseuses offer mutual erotic massage. It is not possible to request it from all masseuses.

Erotic mutual massage Prague

How does the mutual erotic massage work?

When you arrive at the salon, you will be greeted by a beautiful masseuse who will take you to the massage room. You will begin with a relaxing full-body massage. After that, the masseuse will slowly start massaging your privates. The whole experience is furthermore enhanced by a pleasant visual aspect, and the client can admire the beautiful naked body of the masseuse.

The mutual erotic massage and its form depends on the agreement with the masseuse. It is necessary to set limits before the massage so that the experience is pleasant for both of you and nothing disturbs it. You can return the massage to the beautiful masseuse at the beginning, at the end or alternately during the whole session. It all depends on the prior agreement with the masseuse.

The masseuse does NOT offer mutual gratification, oral or traditional sex or other sexual services, including kissing. Inappropriate behaviour or suggestions may offend the masseuse, and she will stop the massage immediately.

The magic of mutual touch

During a mutual massage, the client experiences the physical pleasure of the massage. At the same time, he actively creates and shares the experience with the masseuse, which can multiply the overall experience and intensity of the sensation.

Mutual touch carries a strong emotional and psychological impact. It has been established that pleasurable physical contact can reduce stress, induce happiness, and even improve overall psychological well-being. Mutual touch offers a unique pleasure that becomes even more intense during a mutual erotic massage.

Additional services

You can increase your pleasure by booking one of the additional services, for example, an initial seductive lap dance to get your blood pumping. A perineal massage or a prostate massage are also very popular. If you want to try something unconventional, don't be afraid to opt for a footjob.

Price list for mutual erotic massage in Prague

Length of massage 1 masseuse 2 masseuses
1 hod. 3100 CZK / 130 € -
1,5 hod. 4500 CZK / 188 € -

Beautiful ladies that can pamper you with mutual erotic massage in Prague

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