Discover the healing power of tantric massage


Tantric massage transcends the boundaries of traditional massage and opens up a unique path to deep relaxation, personal growth and healing. Its effects can be highly transformative and enriching for anyone willing to try this ancient art of massage.

What is Tantric massage

Tantric massage is based on ancient traditions and focuses on harmonising the body’s energy. The history of Tantric massage stretches back thousands of years. It stems from spiritual practices, which regard the human body as a temple of the soul and sexual energy as a powerful engine for personal and spiritual growth.

Tantric massage aims to release blocked energy, deepen the experience of pleasure and promote self-discovery and healing. Tantric massage practices include ritualistic touch, breathing and meditation that allow the recipient to explore and release emotional and physical tension and deepen awareness of their own sexuality and energy.

Discover the secret of receiving the healing touch of Tantric massage

In a Tantric massage, the “recipient” is the person being massaged. This individual receives touch and energy from an experienced Tantric masseuse and is invited to explore their physical and energetic experiences during the session. Receiving a Tantric massage means being open and ready for an experience designed to soothe the body and mind.

The recipient opens up to the process of relaxation, healing and self-discovery offered by Tantric massage. This allows you to relax and explore your feelings and energy during the massage.

Receiving can help you better understand your body and what brings you relaxation and well-being. The importance of receiving is creating a safe space where one can work with one’s body and emotions on a deeper level. Tantric massage can, thus, become a valuable tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

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What you will experience during a Tantric massage – Sensual touch and excellent relaxation

During a tantric massage, you will experience deep relaxation and release of physical and emotional tension. Tantric massage opens a mysterious journey into the world of senses and emotions, and the recipient can enjoy euphoric experiences, release blocked energy and deepen their pleasure. People often describe the experience of receiving a Tantric massage as a deep, emotional and energetic eruption.

Techniques such as soft touch, stroking and life energy work are used to stimulate and harmonise the body’s energy. The client is guided to be fully present and aware of each touch, resulting in a deeper connection between body and mind.

Tantric massage is akin to an experiential rehabilitation of one’s inner self and a sensual ritual; each touch opens up new dimensions of perception and allows the recipient to immerse themselves in discovering their body’s beauty, tenderness and nurturing.

Your experience may become so intense during the massage that you won’t be able to concentrate on other activities afterwards. Therefore, the final phase of calming down and slowly returning to reality is crucial. Tantric massage also involves an exploration of intimacy and self-discovery, where the boundaries of the massage must be maintained to ensure a safe and respectful environment.

What are the health and therapeutic benefits of Tantric massage

Tantric massage offers a wide range of health and therapeutic benefits. These benefits vary from physical relaxation to emotional and sexual healing. Discover the healing benefits of Tantric massage:

  • Releasing muscle tension and pain,
  • improving blood and lymph circulation,
  • promoting emotional relaxation and stress relief,
  • developing self-awareness and self-acceptance,
  • enhancing sexual awareness and energy,
  • promoting overall physical and mental health,
  • improving sleep and reducing anxieties,
  • releasing blocked energy and promote energy balance,
  • strengthening relationships and intimacy (in the case of erotic massage for couples) and
  • improving breathing and relaxation.

How long does Tantric massage last – Immerse yourself in sensual bliss

The length of the Tantric massage is very important because of its slow and relaxed nature and because the masseuse needs sufficient time to get you relaxed and to work with the energies. Tantric massage lasts 1.5 to 2 hours to give you enough time to relax and explore your physical and energetic aspects.

The slow pace allows the recipient to fully experience each touch and movement, encouraging a deeper connection with their body and emotions. The massage's length, thus, helps achieve its therapeutic and relaxing effects. A more extended version can provide more profound relaxation and allow for a more intense experience. The choice between a shorter and longer version depends on the client's personal preference and time availability.

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Tantric massage for men - The path to self-discovery and healing

Massage for men focuses on releasing tension and harmonising the body's energy, especially in the pelvic area. It can also help with problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Tantric massage can offer men a path to deeper self-awareness, healing and increased sexual energy. It can provide an enriching, healing experience, physical relaxation, and emotional and spiritual development. In a world where male sexuality can often be misunderstood or repressed, Tantric massage offers a venue for self-discovery, healing and liberation.

Men can find this form of massage as a powerful tool for dealing with a range of personal and sexual challenges, such as:

  • Erectile dysfunction: Working with energy and relaxation can promote better erections.
  • Premature ejaculation: Learning control and awareness of the pelvic area can help improve ejaculation control.
  • Stress and aanxiety: Tantric massage provides deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • Low sexual self-esteem: Working with body and sexual awareness can boost self-esteem.
  • Emotional release: Sensual massage helps to deal with emotional blocks and trauma.
  • Intimacy issues: Tantric massage can help explore and improve physical and emotional intimacy comfort.
  • Chronic pain: Massage can help relieve muscle tension and ease pain.
  • Improving sleep: The relaxing effects of massage can promote better quality sleep.

Tantric massage can include a lingam massage, and a vigorously relaxing penile massage. By appointment with the masseuse, additional elements of Tantric massage can include a perineal and a prostate massage, which promotes prostate health and relaxation in the pelvic area.

Tantric massage is suitable for men who are seeking a deeper awareness of their bodies, wish to address their sexual difficulties and blockages, or are looking for ways to reduce daily stress and achieve deeper and fuller relaxation.

Tantric Massage for Women – Discover Your Inner Goddess

Massage for women is a profound and sacred practice designed as a gateway to self-discovery, healing and celebration of the female body and spirit. In a world that often suppresses or misunderstands female sexuality, Tantric massage provides a safe and respectful environment for women to explore and worship their own physical and spiritual essence.

Tantric massage for women celebrates femininity and the discovery of the deep joy and healing that comes with self-esteem and self-love.

This ancient technique offers a safe environment for women to explore their bodies and emotions, promoting their overall health and well-being. Tantric massage for women positively effects many areas:

  • Menstrual and menopausal issues: Can alleviate pain and unpleasant symptoms.
  • Sexual blockages: Helps with conditions such as pain during intercourse or low libido.
  • Hormonal balance: Tantric massage can positively affect hormonal balance.
  • Emotional release: Massage helps release emotional blocks and promotes emotional healing.
  • Stress and anxieties: Provides deep relaxation and relief from stress and generally improves mood.
  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance: Promotes a positive relationship with your body and sexuality.
  • Physical pain and tension: Relieves muscle tension and promotes better blood circulation.
  • Communication and relationships: Improves the ability to communicate your needs and boundaries in intimate relationships.

Tantric or erotic massage for women may include a sensual yoni massage. While Tantric massage focuses on the whole body, yoni massage – a specific branch of Tantric massages – concentrates on a woman's privates. A yoni massage can become a profoundly transformative experience, allowing women to explore their sexuality and achieve deeper relaxation and healing. By appointment, an intimate massage can be part of a Tantric massage for women.

Tantric massage opens the door to a more profound understanding and harmony of body and mind. For women seeking solutions to particular personal or sexual difficulties, this massage can be the key to healing and restoring their self-esteem.

Imagine a place where your body can find ultimate relaxation, exploring the depths of your inner self and discovering new dimensions of pleasure. Tantric massage offers just that - a unique path to self-discovery, healing and endless satisfaction. Discover the world of sensual and spiritual healing awaiting you in a professional massage parlor, and treat yourself to the best Tantric massage in Prague.
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