Sexy massages in Prague – luxury relaxation and pleasure


Sexy massages are a unique combination of traditional massage with an intimate touch that stimulates the body and mind. We look at the different aspects of these massages, their types, benefits and what you can expect when visiting a prestigious erotic massage parlour.

What to expect from a professional sexy massage

When a client enters a reputable erotic massage parlour, they can expect an experience full of luxury, professionalism and discretion. A professional, sexy massage here begins with a warm welcome in a cosy and stimulating environment where the client immediately feels comfortable.

Beautiful masseuses are naked during the massage and expose their gorgeous bodies for visual stimulation, or they can dress up in seductive lingerie, sheer chemises or stockings at the client's request.

Whatever type of erotic massage the client chooses, the trained masseuses will guide them with the utmost care and create an unforgettable experience. Before visiting an erotic massage parlour, it is essential to note that erotic massage is not a sexual service, does not include oral or traditional sex, and such services cannot be added for an additional fee. Inappropriate touching or suggestion may offend the masseuse by ending the massage.

Why try a sexy massage

Erotic massages provide deep relaxation and a sensual experience. They include a wide range of techniques that combine traditional massage methods with intimate touch to release tension and stimulate all the senses.

Thus, professional sexy massages focus on the overall experience, delaying relaxation and spreading sexual energy throughout the body, which brings many benefits.

1. Intense experience and deep relaxation

Sexy massage focuses on stimulating all the senses and relaxing the whole body, leading to an intense experience and deep relaxation. The masseuses use gentle, slow strokes and various techniques to help stir sexual energy throughout the body. This technique allows clients to be fully immersed in the present moment and enjoy every touch and movement.

2. Delaying climax and increasing arousal

Delaying a quick release can lead to a much more intense and satisfying experience. The process of gradually building arousal and tension allows clients to experience a deeper level of pleasure and relaxation. This method also promotes better control over one's own sexual energy and increases one's perception and experience of it.

3. Spreading sexual energy over the body

Spreading sexual energy throughout the body benefits overall health and well-being. It helps harmonize energy, improves circulation and promotes overall body-mind balance. This can lead to profound spiritual experiences and help connect the body to the mind.

4. Emotional and psychological well-being

Focusing on experience and delaying gratification can positively affect emotional and psychological well-being. Sexy massages promote the production of endorphins and other happiness hormones, which reduces stress and anxiety. Clients can feel more connected to their bodies and emotions, contributing to happiness and contentment.

Sexy massage Prague

What kind of sexy massages can you try in Prague?

Professional erotic massage parlours offer a wide range of sexy massages that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. If you are looking for a way to relax perfectly and discover new dimensions of pleasure, take a closer look at some of the popular types of erotic massages that are definitely worth trying.

Nuru massage

Originally from Japan, the Nuru massage is famous and widespread thanks to the special nuru gel that allows the masseuse to glide over the client's body. This type of sexy massage provides intense physical contact that is not only arousing but also very relaxing. The masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client, creating a unique sensory experience. Discover the exciting secrets of the Japanese Nuru massage.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a path to deep inner peace and spiritual awakening. This massage works with the energy of the body, and the senses are stimulated by gentle, slow touches that lead to deep relaxation and ecstasy. Tantric massage promotes overall harmony and balance of body and mind. Discover the healing power of tantric massage.

Erotic massage for men

Erotic massages for men combine various techniques aimed at maximum relaxation and pleasure. Professional masseuses are experts on the male body and know exactly which male erogenous zones to target. Depending on the client's preferences, the masseuse may specifically focus on penis massage, perineal massage, prostate massage, or treat the client to a unique Milking Table massage.

Erotic massage for women

The Joni massage is the ideal for women seeking a deep sensual experience. It comes from tantric traditions and is associated with total harmony of body and spirit. Joni massage focuses on the female private parts and is performed with the utmost respect and gentleness. Read more about Joni and lingam intimate massage.

Erotic massage for couples

For couples who want to share a unique experience, couples erotic massage is the ideal choice. It allows both partners to enjoy a shared moment of intimacy that can enrich the relationship and add a pleasant spice to an exciting new experience. Read more about couples' erotic massage and this enriching experience.

Royal Excelent Massage

The Royal Excelent Massage is a luxurious experience with the best massage techniques, including perfect body preparation for excellent relaxation and intimate massage. During this luxurious, sexy massage, you can enjoy sensual touches and maximum care that will put you in a state of total relaxation and bliss. The Royal Excelent Massage is designed to provide a comprehensive sensory experience that is unforgettable and incomparable to any other massage.

How to enhance the sensual experience of a sexy massage

Excelent Massages offers various additional services that can add spice to your experience and make it unforgettable.

Lap Dance

The opening sensual lap dance adds another layer of intimacy and excitement to the whole experience. The masseuse will perform a sexy dance that will enhance the atmosphere and create an even more profound sense of connection and pleasure.

Four-hand erotic massage

The luxurious four-hand erotic massage is performed by two beautiful masseuses who work in perfect synchronization, creating an intense and harmonious experience. Four-hand massage is ideal for those seeking deep relaxation and ultimate pleasure.

Foot Job

For lovers of beautiful feet, the perfect erotic massage is the foot job, a technique in which the masseuse uses her long legs, feet and toes to gently and excitingly stimulate the client's body and private parts. This unique massage is famous for its uniqueness and intensity.

BDSM massage

For those who want to explore new dimensions of pleasure, BDSM massage is a great option, combining elements of dominance and submission with traditional massage techniques to provide a unique and exciting experience.

Sexy massages in erotic massage salon Excelent massage in Prague offers a wide range of pleasure and unforgettable experiences. Whether looking for deep relaxation or exploring new dimensions of pleasure, our parlour provides everything you need. The professional approach, luxurious surroundings and wide range of erotic massage types guarantee that every visit will be an unforgettable experience. Visit Excelent Massages and discover the magic of professional sexy massages.
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